Change – What’s it Gonna Take?

A few weeks back my wife and i were sitting at the dinner table, both on our laptops. I was probably reading fund manager reports, or something else she found equally as boring, whilst she […]

Wraps & Platforms vs SMSF’s

For a lot of people, Superannuation is very hands off. They sign on with an employer, select the employer default option, their employer makes contributions on their behalf and they forget about it. In fact […]

Stop Trying to Hit it out of the Park!

In 2004, Michael Lewis wrote a fascinating book called Money Ball – which went on to become a major Hollywood movie starring Brad Pitt. The book tells the tale of Billy Bean, the manager of […]

Missed Opportunities & Timing Advice

“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity” H. Jackson Browne Jr One of my great frustrations is missed opportunities – and in the world of Financial Advice they can be found everywhere, and they […]

Status Quo Bias – The Great Wealth Destroyer

A few weeks back in Mental Accounting – a Help or a Hinderance? we started to delve into the fascinating world of Cognitive Biases, and how they can be hazardous to your financial health. Well […]

Are you too cashed up?

Everybody loves that feeling of being ‘cashed up’ – you’ve just finished a huge job and a client has just squared their enormous bill, or you’ve had a windfall at two-up, maybe you’ve sold a […]

Superannuation for the Self-Employed – Pt 2

So, in part 1 we took a look at the superannuation conundrum for the self employed, and we also took a brief look at what a significant difference time can make to your investment returns (and […]

Financial Planning Myths

According to a 2017 Wealth Sentiment Survey 7 out of 10 Australians have not received financial advice or seen a financial planner in the prior two years. Yet the same survey participants, when asked to rate […]

Don’t wait for your tax return

Everyone loves that time of year sometime between July and October, when roughly 14 days after the submission of their tax return a glorious lump of cash just magically appears in their bank account – […]

Your Financial Services A-Team

Happy New Year all, I hope you all had a marvellous 2017, and are gearing up for an even better 2018! According to an SMH Article, around 50% of us made new years resolutions on […]