What Freediving Can Teach Us About Investing

Over the Xmas / New Year break I spent some time pursuing one of my great passions (Freediving), and it got me thinking…does Freediving make you a better investor? In the sport of Free Diving, […]

If You Can Resist a Marshmallow, I Will Make You Rich

In 1972, a Stanford University psychology professor named Walter Mischel ran an incredible, but simple experiment. A child was given a small treat – in this case they could choose between a Marshmallow or a […]

Your Market Crash Survival Guide

When face masks become ‘normal’, planes fly around empty, and ordinary citizens start getting tasered for fighting over toilet paper it’s easy to let panic creep into your psyche. Investment markets begin to behave erratically, […]

Timing the Market – A Tale of 4 investors.

Enough time has passed, and ‘The Stock Market’ has been around long enough that we’ve been able to gather some pretty good data about what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to investing […]

Dividends, Distributions & Reinvestment Plans

Have you ever opened your broker app, or your portfolio tracker and seen a significant unexplainable drop in the value of your investment? Did you have one of these reactions….? Then did you go into […]

Stop Trying to Hit it out of the Park!

In 2004, Michael Lewis wrote a fascinating book called Money Ball – which went on to become a major Hollywood movie starring Brad Pitt. The book tells the tale of Billy Bean, the manager of […]

Property vs Shares

I don’t quite know when it happened, or just quite how it happened, but a long time ago in a galaxy far far away ‘Investment’ & ‘Property’ got together and hatched a sinister plot… a […]

Are you too cashed up?

Everybody loves that feeling of being ‘cashed up’ – you’ve just finished a huge job and a client has just squared their enormous bill, or you’ve had a windfall at two-up, maybe you’ve sold a […]

The Best Kind of Right, and the Worst Kind of Wrong

Imagine you’re on a new oddball gameshow, where you are subject to a series of questions – and pitted against the studio audience. Its not like a regular gameshow where if you’re right you’re right. […]

Saving vs Investing

When i look back on my financial education, i fondly recall the lengths Mum and Dad would go to to instil in me the importance of saving. They would send me off to school every […]