If it Feels Too Hard… You’re Probably Doing it Wrong

When i was a kid i could get exceptionally focussed. I would “get my blinkers on” (as my wife now refers to it) and i would beaver away trying to achieve whatever task it was […]

Change – What’s it Gonna Take?

A few weeks back my wife and i were sitting at the dinner table, both on our laptops. I was probably reading fund manager reports, or something else she found equally as boring, whilst she […]

Timing the Market – A Tale of 4 investors.

Enough time has passed, and ‘The Stock Market’ has been around long enough that we’ve been able to gather some pretty good data about what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to investing […]

Dividends, Distributions & Reinvestment Plans

Have you ever opened your broker app, or your portfolio tracker and seen a significant unexplainable drop in the value of your investment? Did you have one of these reactions….? Then did you go into […]

Wraps & Platforms vs SMSF’s

For a lot of people, Superannuation is very hands off. They sign on with an employer, select the employer default option, their employer makes contributions on their behalf and they forget about it. In fact […]

Stop Trying to Hit it out of the Park!

In 2004, Michael Lewis wrote a fascinating book called Money Ball – which went on to become a major Hollywood movie starring Brad Pitt. The book tells the tale of Billy Bean, the manager of […]

Save a Fortune by Refinancing your Home Loan

It must be the bane of any retail employees existence – they spend their time, effort, and expertise discussing the features and benefits of a product, they explain the difference between product A & product […]

Property vs Shares

I don’t quite know when it happened, or just quite how it happened, but a long time ago in a galaxy far far away ‘Investment’ & ‘Property’ got together and hatched a sinister plot… a […]

Missed Opportunities & Timing Advice

“Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity” H. Jackson Browne Jr One of my great frustrations is missed opportunities – and in the world of Financial Advice they can be found everywhere, and they […]