Recommended Reading

Ever since i was a child i have stuffed my head with knowledge… some of it pretty useless (like the ability the remember the atomic weight of chlorine from my high school chemistry days – WTF??) , and some of it will serve me till the day i die.

I won’t share with you all of the retained garbage, but i did want to dedicate a post to all of the fantastic authors that have helped me fill my head with the good stuff! They have helped me save time, build wealth, advance my career, better manage people & relationships, avoid disastrous mistakes (though i’ve still managed to make a few good ones), find common ground with smarter , more inspiring people… the list of things to be thankful for is endless.

So without further adieu, here are the shoutouts: (in no particular order)


The Personal MBA:

An epic, all-encompassing journey through the core concepts of business. A must read for anyone aspiring to step into more challenging roles in their business, or for anyone launching their own business.

Good to Great

This has to be my favourite business book – hands down. By following the stories of some of the worlds greatest companies, Jim Collins helps us uncover the (not so?) secrets behind making the transition from good to great. G-to-G brought about a pivotal moment for me when i began to appreciate the power of visionary leadership and company culture in making a company truly successful.

The McKinsey Way

 This one might not be for everyone, but i’m an analyst and always use both quantitative and qualitative analysis to guide decision making (in business and investing). I LOVED it. If you’re continually frustrated by a leadership team who ‘shoots from the hip’ or makes ‘gut feel’ decisions, but ignores the facts you’ll love this. Read it to learn techniques to analyse business, then read ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ to learn how to win buy in from key stakeholders – you’ll be unstoppable!

The Art of War

Don’t sit down at the negotiating table until you’ve read ‘The Art of War’. Its not the easiest read, but the principals are absolutely timeless. Highly recommended for aspiring leaders, visionaries, strategists, and influencers.. and anyone doing business with China!


An absolute must read for all of the entrepreneurs out there (especially in tech fields). Rework urges us to rethink the way in which we approach work and business. Technology has changed the face of business at an absolute rapid clip, and the norms of yesteryear aren’t necessarily the best way for businesses of today (and tomorrow). Challenge the ‘This is the way we’ve always done it’ mentality!

The 4 Hour Work Week

If you struggle with scaling your business, time management, ‘working in your business’ as opposed to ‘working on your business’ than this book is for you. Timothy Feriss is Mr Productivity and some of the takeaways from this book will change the way you think about priorities and the best use of your time.

Business (SOFT SKILLS)

How to Win Friends & Influence People

You shouldn’t be allowed to graduate high school until you’ve read this book! OK, so maybe thats a stretch, but you certainly shouldn’t be able to become President of the USA until you’ve read it. You can be the most brilliant mind in the world, but if you can’t deal with people, you won’t help anyone, you won’t achieve anything, and you won’t change a thing.

What Got You Here Wont Get You There

This book was given to me by a good friend and former manager (maybe he was trying to tell me something). It is an absolute cracker, and isn’t just for those seeking to climb the corporate ladder – its a brilliant insight into people, personalities, and those little flaws that may be holding you back from reaching your full potential. You’ll immediately associate some of Goldsmith’s ’20 Bad Habits’ with managers, colleagues, friends, partners… and hopefully yourself! Understanding (and dealing with) people becomes a whole lot easier after this classic.


Rich Dad, Poor Dad

This book is what kick started my passion for investing & wealth building. Its not about empire building or becoming an overnight millionaire – its about being financially smart. Its about fundamentally changing the way you view work, money, effort and reward. Its about working smarter, not harder, and anyone with aspirations of ‘financial freedom’ needs to read this book.

One Up on Wall St

Peter Lynch may get a little dorky with his ‘Baggers’, but who cares when the guy achieved average annual returns of 29% over 13 years managing the Magellan Fund! His tip that the best investments may be right under your nose lead me to 200%+ gains with Nanosonics and 85% gains (in 6 months) with Capitol Health (my wife is a Radiographer)

The Warren Buffet Way

How could i not include a book about the greatest investor in the world? Its probably not a good 1st read, but if you’re already familiar with financial terminology and jargon its a great read – a fantastic insight into the checklist of investment criteria that W.B uses to assess investments.

Thinking Fast & Slow

Every Investor should read this. Managing your emotions is one of the major hurdles for any investor. Your mind is constantly trying to deceive you and lead you down the easy (lazy) path. Learn how your mind works, when to trust your instincts, and when to take a second (more analytical) look. This is the quintessential book on behavioural and cognitive biases.

I’m sure i’ve missed plenty of gems, so i’d love to hear from you with your recommendations. Please share any great reads that have made you better, smarter, wiser, or wealthier with the NCWB community by posting your comments below!

Notable mentions & next on the hit list: